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Quality AND Competitive Pricing

best-san-diego-stucco-contractorFor over 16 years, Apptek San Diego Stucco Contractors have earned a reputation for providing the highest quality work product in its trade. From stucco repairs, to the construction of finest custom homes, schools, fire stations and libraries, that quality is evident. But, despite the focus on quality, Apptek has instituted efficiencies in operations and the enthusiastic cooperation of the Apptek construction team ensuring our company is always competitive in pricing.



“Do What You Say You’re Going To Do”

Vance Campbell, the founder of Apptek stucco contractors, had been in the investment and real estate business for over 30 years when he started Apptek. Having dealt with the contracting and subcontracting community for decades, he made an observation that stuck with him: Subcontractors “don’t do what they say they’re going to do”!

His thought was: “wouldn’t it be a novel concept if someone started a company where every employee understood how critical it is to do what you say you’re going to do, and then actually delivered on that commitment”.  The genesis of Apptek was based on that premise.

Apptek = “Applied Technology” in Stucco

An additional focus of Apptek stucco contractors that was identified at startup was the commitment to “apply state-of-the-art technology” in its operations… “Applied Technology”… thus our name: “Apptek”. A Company that is committed to operating using the latest technology in its field operations and internal administrative operations can offer additional benefits to its customers.

The Apptek Stucco Team

The Apptek stucco team consists of highly skilled technicians and craftsmen with unrivaled experience and knowledge in our trade. The Apptek team has remained consistent with very little turnover of key personnel because they are appreciated and know they are in the right place.


Adam Campbell, President

Adam has been a senior executive at Apptek with strong operational and financial responsibilities for over eight years. Prior to that time Adam was involved in the Investment Banking industry and with companies like Piper Jaffrey and J P Morgan and developed a strong foundation in finance and operations. Adam is proficient operations, in digital estimating utilizing state-of-the-art estimating software and has established high quality operational and financial systems company-wide.

Scott Lidster, Executive Vice President

A Graduate in Business Administration from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and an holds an MBA.   Scott have been in charge of all administrative functions of the company including Human Resources.  Scott is now directly in charge of all Orange County operations and is responsible for the estimating functions company-wide.  Scott is proficient in digital estimating utilizing state-of-the-art estimating software. Scott has been with Apptek for nearly 10 years.

Vance Campbell, Founder/CEO

Vance Campbell founded Apptek in 2001, and has been building and investing in real estate for his entire business career. He has owned and operated several businesses over the past 35 years including retail, manufacturing, and consulting operations.

Peter Fusco, Senior Vice President Field Operations

Peter was born in Italy and moved to the U.S. at the age of 15, and began the process of becoming a skilled tradesman. Peter has been supervising plastering operations in excess of 30 years. Thirteen years ago, in 2002 he became Director of Field Operations for Apptek and now has all field employees reporting to him.

Hector Herrerra – Senior Supervisor of Lath Operations

Hector has be the Senior Supervisor of Lath Operations for approximately 10 years and has been an invaluable leader from the beginning.  He leads a skilled team of lathers for Apptek with very little turnover of personnel.

Arturo Medina – Senior Supervisor of Plastering Operations

Arturo worked his way up to Senior Supervisor of Plastering Operations after 8 years of hard work and persistence.  He maintains a skilled team of employees with very little turnover of personnel.

Andres Cornejo – Senior Supervisor of All Specialized Finishes

Andres has been with Apptek approximately 10 years and is a superbly skilled plastering specialist – with great artistic talents – He leads a highly skilled team responsible for all interior plastering operations and specialized finishes.