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Acrylic finishes are synthetic stucco color coat finishes that are used as an alternative to conventional color coat. Apptek, San Diego stucco contractors typically uses acrylics over conventional lath, scratch and brown coat.

Acrylic finish colors are far more stable than conventional stucco. Acrylic colors can be made up to match virtually any color – with very good stability and no blotchiness. Acrylic colors, like conventional colors, do become a bit more problematic when dark colors are chosen and must be applied with care by knowledgeable tradesmen.

Acrylic stucco has many benefits

Apptek san diego acrylic stucco experts recommends acrylic stucco because of the following benefits: The benefits of acrylics are related to its elastomeric qualities, allowing the material to flex and thus bridge typical stucco surface cracking. Additionally acrylics are resistant to moisture absorption, thus providing additional protection of the subsurface from corrosion and deterioration. Another quality of acrylics that is deemed to be beneficial is its color stability and consistency, and the fact that it can be made to match virtually any paint color.


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