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San Diego & Orange County Commercial Stucco Contractors

Apptek Stucco –  San Diego Commercial Stucco Contractor / Orange County Commercial Stucco Contractor

Apptek has provided lath, plaster, stone, and interior plaster for the commercial construction industry for over a decade.  Schools, banks, fire stations, government buildings, and major resorts are included in Apptek’s extensive commercial portfolio. Apptek bids all plans and specifications using state-of-the-art digital takeoff and estimating software. When quality is critical, Apptek can, and will deliver.

Liquid/Fluid Applied Building Envelope Specialists

Apptek is trained and experienced in the application of cutting edge “Liquid Applied Air and Water Barrier Systems”.  These new systems are capable of providing desirable “Airtight” buildings – while remaining “vapor permeable” for healthy and highly energy efficient buildings. Ask us if you’d like us to arrange a presentation of these systems to your company.

Synthetic Finish Specialists

Synthetic or “Acrylic” stucco finishes have received an ever-increasing acceptance within the industry. The application of Acrylic finishes should be done only by craftsmen with the know-how and experience to do it right. Apptek stucco subcontractors is considered by credible sources to be the premier applicator of Acrylic stucco in the San Diego, Orange County and Southern California region.

Smooth Finish Specialists

The best builders understand that Smooth & “Santa Barbara” finishes should not be entrusted to just anybody….. a big mistake! Apptek specializes in gorgeous smooth finishes and has skilled craftsmen to do it right. Considering that the stucco finish is quite possibly the most visible part of the exterior of the home you build – getting it right is critical.

Apptek Stucco Subcontractors Can Help Lower Bids for Commercial Builders

At Apptek, we have found that we have helped Commercial Builders to lower their bid by identifying value-engineering opportunities. Because of our commitment to the state-of-the-art in our industry, we find that many times specified products can be substituted by products that are just as effective, but less expensive to purchase and install. Please ask us to look at your plans for value engineering opportunities.