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What is the absolute best way to immediately update the look of your home?

We suggest you look into a complete re-stucco. Please contact us for a free re-stucco estimate. To learn more about re-stucco go to our stucco101 knowledge base for valuable information. At Apptek we do have a stucco repair minimum charge of $2000.

For years Apptek has been helping homeowners with stucco and re-stucco. Our customers know that our work is impeccable, our workers organized, job site clean, and they know that we will do what we say we’re going to do!

Seaside Stucco Home Specialists

At Apptek, we are Seaside Property Specialists. If you have a property near the ocean, click on the button “Info on Seaside Homes” located on this page.

Stucco101…..Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Stucco

Apptek has created Stucco101 that is a Knowledge Base dedicated to educate our customers and others of important facts and information about stucco. Please check out stucco information here.

Do you have stucco issues?

• Do you hate your stucco?

• You have stucco cracks?

• You have leaks?

• It’s ugly?

• It’s the wrong stucco texture?

• It’s the wrong stucco color?

• Do you have stucco damage?

• Has the ocean air damaged the stucco?

• You want stucco over your wood siding? (a permit may be required)

• You want stucco over your brick or block walls?


• We can re-stucco

• We can repair stucco.

• We can recolor stucco.

• We can fix leaks.

• We can sandblast stucco. Find out more information about sandblasting here.

• We can replace stucco.

• We can make a tract home look like a beautiful custom.

• We can insulate your house from the outside before stucco.

• We can put a beautiful smooth finish over an old lace finish.

• We can show you beautiful results of our work.

• We can show you references and testimonials.

• We can add value to your home.

Seaside Home Specialists.