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Interior and Venetian Plaster Cost Less Than You Think

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Interior and Venetian Plaster Cost Less Than You Think

Everyone seems to assume that beautiful hand-troweled interior plaster is REALLY EXPENSIVE! That is not necessarily true.

The typical new “upscale” home has drywall that is finished to a “Level 5” – very smooth – for paint.  And then, of course, it must be painted.

Hand troweled interior plaster in most cases does not need drywall that is finished to a Level 5.  In most cases a level 3 is adequate – which saves on cost.  And then, of course, it then does not require paint, which saves additional costs. The numbers might

Here’s The Math

Beautiful hand-troweled interior plaster can cost as low as $3.50 per square foot.  but the impact on overall job budget is much less than that.  This is because that cost is subject to credits for the drywall finish and the paint.  The savings from the drywall finish requirement (Level 3 rather than Level 5) could be $1.00 or more.  The savings from not having to paint could be another $1.00 or more.  In that scenario, the net cost of the interior plaster would be $1.50 per square foot!  Doesn’t sound so expensive now, does it?

At Apptek, we have skilled professionals on our interior plaster team.  If you want to consider the possibilities, we can show you, and create samples for you (and/or your customers) in the texture and color of your choice quickly.


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