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The New Hi-Tech Affordable Alternatives

The Skilled Plastering Craftsmen at Apptek are familiar with the professional application of the many textures and products offered today by the industry.  From classic integral color gypsum plaster, to exotic Venetian styles specified by Architects and Designers with familiarity to the many alternatives.

When most people think of interior plaster they think of wood or metal lath covered by thick coats of gypsum / lime plaster.  Or they think of beautiful Venetian Plasters made from exotic “marble dust” from iconic quarries from around the world…. and along with those images the thought of $$$$ comes to mind!

All of those wonderful traditional processes for interior plaster are still around and available to those to whom cost is not an object, but to others of us mortals (with budgets), we can be happy to learn that the same wonderful look that has been admired over the years can be achieved with new affordable products developed utilizing state-of-the art technology and chemistry along with labor efficient methodologies that can be used in the installation of these products.  At Apptek we are trained and skilled in the application of these new products and technologies.

Some of the traditional plaster systems involve classic lime based products that include “marble dust” within the formulation, others include the latest high – tech systems that achieve a look and durability heretofore not possible.  Other possibilities include Natural Clay based systems with performance characteristics that are considered to be environmentally green – with the byproduct of stabilizing the interior “weather” of the home or building.

The overt, yet also subliminal richness that one feels with an inside environment that includes interior plastering is comfortable and exciting.  Apptek can help achieve that result in an efficient  cost effective way – we can show you the options and review budget guidelines – contact us for a free consultation.

Below you will find information about some of the premier interior product brands for which we have been trained and that we offer at Apptek.