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Hand Troweled Plaster vs. Faux Finish:

Hand troweled interior plaster is the “real thing”. Faux finish is paint that is applied to mimic the real thing. The overt and subliminal impact of authentic, hand-troweled plaster speaks for itself.

Gypsum Plaster:

Gypsum Plaster is the same plaster that was probably in your great-grandmother’s house. Made of the same gypsum material used in drywall(available in various hardness), it now is typically troweled on over drywall or blue board, and includes color that is integrated into the mix. It is simple, relatively inexpensive, but beautiful, typically with mild variegation of the integral color.

Lime plaster:

Lime plasters are made of limestone that is typically harvested from river beds. In the refining operation, a kiln “cooking” and following “slaking” process causes a chemical transformation. That transformation results in the plaster, after it has been troweled and cured on the wall, reverting to its original limestone chemical state – or “limestone on the wall” – an extremely durable surface with stunning light-reflective qualities. So with lime plasters, you have a truly beautiful wall of limestone complete with integral light-reflective color and a myriad of stunning textures.

Resin plasters:


Resin plasters are made from synthetic ingredients, along with natural crushed marble, and/or aggregates, that can mimic the beautiful looks of lime and even gypsum plasters. These synthetic based products are typically more affordable than the lime plasters, but when hand troweled, can create the look of lime plasters in a more cost efficient manner. Resin plasters ca n be colored to match most any color on the color wheel. 

Venetian Plaster:

Venetian Plaster is a generic term – usually associated with the classic old world look of Venetian plaster – has historically been achieved with lime plaster. Venetian plaster refers to a style that is pervasive in the old world buildings of Europe, but the huge variety of textures and styles have made Venetian Plaster totally appropriate for contemporary or traditional settings in unlimited colors, textures and styles.