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Apptek Stucco is a Coastal Southern California residential stucco contractor and interior plastering contractor, working closely with many outstanding residential builders. Apptek is widely recognized by the finest custom home builders as a premier source for the highest quality stucco and interior plaster  in Southern California.

The Apptek team includes veterans with decades of experience in the stucco, lath and plaster trades. The field management team has remained the same for many years and that team is universally committed to high quality and production that is unparalleled, while remaining highly competitive in its pricing.

Smooth Stucco Finish Specialists

The best homebuilders understand that Smooth & “Santa Barbara” finishes should not be entrusted to just anybody….. a big mistake! Apptek specializes in gorgeous smooth stucco finishes and has skilled craftsmen to do it right. Considering that the stucco finish is quite possibly the most visible part of the exterior of the home you build – getting it right is critical.

Synthetic Finish Specialists

Synthetic or “Acrylic” stucco finishes have received an ever-increasing acceptance within the industry. The application of Synthetic/Acrylic finishes should be done only by craftsmen with the know-how and experience to do it right. Apptek is considered by credible sources to be the premier applicator of Acrylics in the San Diego region.

San Diego Seaside Home Specialists

We doubt that any stucco contractor in the San Diego region has provided more stucco expertise and services than Apptek on seaside properties. Seaside homes are a special breed with unique problems due to the ocean-influenced weather and chloride-laden air influences associated with the proximity to the sea. Apptek has the experience and know how to optimize the life of these properties.  For more info click the button “Info on Seaside Homes” on this page.