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Compelling Reasons to do business with Apptek

Compelling Reasons to do business with Apptek
* We do what we say we are going to do … Consistently… it’s in our culture
* Same Management team and crews have been working together for years
* Apptek standards exceed “Industry Standards”
* We are a state-of-the-art, professionally run business
* Rapid response to communications and needs
* We are consistently reachable at all levels
* Apptek typically can mobilize onto a job with only a few days notice
* We go the extra mile to clean-up to high standards every day
* Attention to detail – and self management – no babysitting required
* Foreman on every substantial job
* High level Interior and Venetian plastering capability
* Fast Bid Turnaround – We are “all digital”
* Detailed bids – No hidden surprises. – value engineering recommendations
* Apptek’s warranty 2 year written warranty (vs. the industry standard of 1 year)
* If there is a problem after completion or warranty, we’ll be there to help
* Smooth Finish Experts, Synthetic (Acrylic) Finish Experts
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