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Apptek San Diego stucco contractors answers frequently asked questions about coastal san diego sandblasting.

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What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a process utilizing a high-velocity stream of  ‘aggregate’ and water for the purpose of removing those portions of the existing stucco that have lost structural soundness. The result is to provide a stable base upon which new material can bond.


Sandblasting is a disruptive Process… Is it worth it?

Sandblasting is the optimum method to prepare the surface for a restucco project. This is because the bond between the new stucco and the old substrate is critical to the long term integrity of the finish. In some cases, where the old stucco or substrate is stable and clean, a bonding material can be used and the restucco can be done without sandblasting, but the bond will never be as robust as with a sandblasted subsurface.


When Should I Sandblast?

Apptek contractors recommends that in any remodel or improvement, sandblasting should be performed as early on in the construction process as possible. It should be done prior to the installation of new windows and doors, ideally while the old windows and doors are still in place. Even though all components that could be damaged are masked with plastic and tape prior to blasting, it is still safest to minimize the exposure of sensitive new building components. Also of additional importance, any form of landscaping or hardscape should not be installed prior to sandblasting.


Will Sandblasting Damage My Home?

Sandblasting in itself is a destructive and intrusive process and can easily damage unprotected items in its path, when improper care is used. It is imperative that it be done by a professional contractor that will go the extra mile to protect your home, your belongings, and your neighbors!


Will My Neighbors’ Properties Be Affected By Sandblasting?

Unfortunately, stucco sandblasting almost always upsets someone in the neighborhood. Therefore it is our recommendation and our practice to see that the neighbors are advised before hand of the pending sandblasting activities. Typically, the neighbors are appreciative of the notice and the efforts that are taken to prevent damage to their properties while minimizing to the greatest extent possible the disruption.


How Long Does Sandblasting Take?

The duration of stucco sandblasting depends heavily on the project. For example, a finished home with a pool and perfectly manicured landscaping will take longer to ‘protect’, than a construction site. Typically a small home will take at least a full workday to sandblast and clean up.

Find out more about restucco here by San Diego stucco contractor.

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