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Important Information About Stucco Color

Conventional stucco color pigments are subject to normal variations – and cannot be counted on to absolutely / positively be color perfect. Minor variations in stucco color are normal and should be expected.

Apptek San Diego stucco contractors will always make sure that when we buy our color coat that the inventory comes from the same batch number if at all possible. In addition to its normal variations out of the bag, other factors can impact color variations including temperature, humidity, sun and wind. We will always use the benefit of our many years of experience to do what is necessary to minimize color variations.

In conventional stucco, dark colors tend to be more problematic in achieving optimum color consistency. When the color is darkened past a critical threshold by volume, the color will have a tendency to exhibit significant blotchiness despite substantial care in the installation process. Therefore care should be exhibited when choosing dark colors in conventional stucco.

Acrylic finish colors are far more stable than conventional stucco colors. Acrylic colors can be made up to match virtually any color – with very good stability and no blotchiness. Acrylic colors, like conventional colors, do become a bit more problematic when dark colors are chosen and must be applied with care by knowledgeable tradesmen.

Matching Your Colors

Your existing stucco colors can be matched either utilizing standard colors, or lab matching done by our stucco provider. This is true with both conventional and synthetic (acrylic) finishes.

Color Choices

Our stucco manufacturers provide color charts with standard colors. Also, if you can provide a sample, we can have the lab make up custom matching samples for your approval.

Expo Stucco manufacturing is a premier supplier of state of the art conventional stucco products and our choice when the specification is in our hands. The Expo standard colors can be seen on the web at:

Of course we can provide you with a color chart brochure and provide actual samples for your review upon request.

Senergy Stucco Wall Systems is our preferred supplier of synthetic / acrylic based stucco finish systems. Senergy colors are extremely color stable and can be provided to match virtually any paint color.

Click here to see the Senergy Color Chart.

Apptek San Diego contractors can provide you with a color chart brochure and provide actual samples for your review upon request. Contact us now to discuss your stucco options.