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Stucco Cracks and Repairing Stucco Cracks

Find out more about stucco cracks and how to repair stucco cracks.

Why Does Stucco Crack?

All stucco will crack, just like all concrete will crack. There are two fundamental types of stresses that cause stucco cracks—internal and external. Internal stresses are due to the natural curing and drying process of stucco, this usually is within 1 to 2 days. External stresses are due to the transfer of outside forces into the stucco assembly. Common examples are at the corners of windows and doors.

How Can I Reduce Cracking On A Smooth Finish?

When installing a smooth finish it is critical that the usual care be taken to avoid cracking, but in addition to that, in order to minimize the tendency to crack, a fiberglass mesh & basecoat finish can be done prior to the installation of the finish coat. This is the optimum strategy to reduce cracking. This process adds cost to the overall system, but will absolutely improve the resistance to cracking.

Can I Stucco Just The Portion Of My Home That Is Damaged?

Yes. Knowing how to repair stucco is an art-form. Stucco repairs require a full understanding of how stucco reacts under certain conditions. Whether it’s a window patch, a stucco crack, or a serious stucco failure, we have the experience and know how to make the repairs professionally and as economically as possible. Additionally, we have many years of experience and knowledge of how to match existing textures and colors.

Stucco repairs that have been incorrectly carried out can cause additional serious problems going forward. Stucco cracks that permit the passage of water almost always lead to stucco failure. Also if the repairs do not properly address the prevention of water intrusion into the repaired system, stucco failure is again inevitable.

Can You Fix Stucco Cracks on my Smooth Finish?

If unacceptable cracking has taken place on a smooth finish, it can be repaired. However, “spot” repairs cannot be done. When repairs are done to smooth stucco, the final step always involves the recoating of the entire wall panel, corner to corner. This can be expensive in the case of large wall panels – the larger the panel, the more difficult the repair.

The optimum method to repair stucco cracks in smooth finish is to use the fiberglass mesh / acrylic base coat method of repair. This should prevent cracks from reappearing, and should minimize future cracking in the area.