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What Are The Different Stucco Textures That Are Available?

The most common stucco textures and stucco colors typically seen today in the San Diego and California region are shown on the following pages and are supplied by Technical Services Information Bureau (TSIB). The images and more can be seen on the Technical Services Information Bureau webpage and can be viewed online at textures.

Apptek stucco contractors has many choices available for stucco textures and stucco colors.

lace finish stucco Lace Finish Stucco – A Lace Finish is the stucco finish used most often in lower priced and tract homes. It has historically been the favored finish of production home builders because it is the least expensive to install, and hides imperfections well. It will only very seldom be used in higher end custom homes.
heavy sand finish stucco Heavy Sand Finish Stucco (16/20 Sand) – A heavy sand finish is a popular finish that is applied using a foam float that brings the sand grains evenly to the surface. Because of the grain size, this finish does a reasonably good job of hiding imperfections.
fine-stand-finish Fine Sand Finish Stucco (20/30 Sand)– Same as heavy sand but with a finer grain size. This finish is a bit more elegant that the fine sand and hides imperfections to a lesser degree.
dash finish stucco Dash Finish Stucco – This stucco finish is sprayed by a specialized texture machine resulting in an even and consistent texture. Dash finishes have a bit more contemporary feel and are common on contemporary, or commercial / institutional properties.
montalvo finish stucco Montalvo / “California” or “Cat Face” Finish – Are common in traditional, Mediterranean, Spanish, or “Old World” the finish is smooth toweled but with random relief textures referred to sometimes as “cat faces” because of the random patterns of the relief textures.
santa barbara finish stucco Santa Barbara Finish / Santa Barbara Stucco – A Santa Barbara Finish is a very smooth rich classic stucco finish with only very minor relief textures – The color is beautifully variegated due to the hard trowel application. This finish is found in the nicest most elegant homes and traditional structures – despite the fact that these finishes will always tend to exhibit minor surface cracking, they are considered to be among the most desirable.
smooth Santa Barbara finish stucco Smooth Santa Barbara Finish – A smooth Santa Barbara Finish is just  like the Santa Barbara Finish, except with no relief textures at all. This stucco finish is perfectly smooth and spectacularly beautiful.


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